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  • Entrance fees
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Bali's Cheapest Tours guarantees inexpensive Safe, FUN, and Cheap Bali Adventure Tours and discount Bali Activities. Why not try our Budget Bali Cheap Tours because, although we offer cheaper budget Bali tours than any other website you might find elsewhere, we will not skimp on value, FUN and safety. Because of our reputation, we are provided cheaper tour rates by the actual activity operators which we pass directly on to you. That's right! We have deals with the major tourism operators in Bali. Because we deliver many customers to them, they give us VERY discounted rates, even lower than they advertise themselves! There is no diference between what they advertive for say USD $75 and we can offer for USD $35. It is exactly the same. They respect us because we provide them with many guests who are just looking for cheap tours but THEY do not want to advertise such lower prices on their own websites. After all, if people wish to pay $75, why not? But if you wish to pay $35 for exactly the same thing, then book with us. Plus we are local people and you will be supporting local business. Some large tourist destinations are not locals and so they are taking money from Bali. Please support us.

Explore the Cheap Tours Bali website to see a glimpse of ALL the budget tours, cheap Bali tour packages and inexpensive activities and events that we cater for on your behalf. If what you want is not shown, just contact us and we will find a budget alternative for what you wish to do in Bali. Again, we stress. This is NOT just a cheap tour. This is the SAME tour that you could have booked elsewhere for maybe double the price. If you are on a budget, then think of us. If you have lots of money then still think of us because you will be able to do twice as many tours/packages than you would have been able to do elsewise. However, if you wish to give us MORE money, we won't argue! Ha Ha!

We have been in the business for many years and have GREAT experience. We are English speaking and we will soon be posting our testimonials and photos of our cheap tours and budget activities held not only on the main island of Bali but also on some of the other nearby islans such as the Gilies.

Cheap Tours Bali also offers:

Our licensed and experienced drivers can also advise and direct you to the very best that Bali has to offer and are ideal for a day trip around the island to visit such popular destinations as:
    • Ubud
    • Mount Batur
    • The Bali Zoo
    • White Water Rafting
    • Pacung rice terraces
    • Pancasari village
    • Elephant Ride
    • Cycling
    • Monkey Forest
    • The Lakes near Gobleg
    • The Bali Bird Park
    • and MORE!!!
Bali Bird Park